Advanced Sailing Lessons

Lord Nelson Charters on Lake Lanier in Georgia is one of the few sailing schools in the United States qualified to offer all levels of American Sailing Association Certification. Let us know what your extended learning needs are. We can tailor sailing classes for you!

All advanced courses are scheduled on an as needed basis.

Below are some of the advanced sailing lessons we offer…

Coastal Navigation 105: Sailing Lessons

Everything you ever wanted to know about navigation and how to “get there from here”. Develop the skills needed to read charts, plot courses and utilize tools and publications necessary for successful coastal navigation.

American Sailing Association

Advanced Coastal Cruising 106: Sailing Lessons

Set sail for an overnight sailing experience that will teach you how to handle a 30 to 50 ft. sailing yacht in coastal waters, any condition, day or night! Learn how to diagnose and repair systems as well as master heavy weather techniques. Can be combined with Coastal Navigation 105.

American Sailing Association

Celestial Navigation 107: Sailing Lessons

Learn the ages old method of navigating by the stars. Course includes using the sextant, taking bearings to the sun and moon and plotting calculations.

American Sailing Association

Offshore Passage Making 108: Sailing Lessons

Take the trip of a lifetime on a true ocean crossing and gain the experience and confidence to set sail for any destination. Class scheduled by request and customized to your specific interests.

American Sailing Association

Cruising Catamaran 114: Sailing Lessons

Cruising Catamarans are one of the fastest growing segments of the charter business. With this course you will discover the many benefits and learn the unique handling characteristics of the big cruising cats. Classes are scheduled in Florida, Bahamas and the Caribbean.

American Sailing Association

7Sailboat Evaluation Services

Thinking of buying a sailboat? Take advantage of our evaluation services before you buy and avoid the costly mistake of buying the wrong sailboat or a sailboat that needs too many repairs.

$75 per hour with a 2 hour minimum.

American Sailing Association