Basic Keelboat 101: Lake Lanier Sailing Lessons

BKB 1010Join the ranks of Christopher Columbus and Ted Turner as you learn the basics of Sailing on Lake Lanier with this fun and challenging Sailing Class and Certification! This 3-day class will take you from a beginner to a certified sailor capable of handling up to a 26 ft. sailboat in moderate conditions. You will learn everything from rigging the sailboat to sailing theory including Nomenclature, Points of Sail, Rules of the Road, Docking, Boater Safety, Class includes what to do when the weather changes, some really useful knots and more!

Included in our BKB 101 Sailing Class / Certification:

  1. Sailing For Fun Official ASA text book. Enjoyable to read and informative with lots of illustrations.
  2. American Sailing Association official Log Book to keep a record of your certification and sailing experience.
  3. American Sailing Association membership enrollment with discounts and benefits.
  4. Sail boat rental available on our school boat following completion of class.

Private BKB 101 Sailing Certification – 
Sailing class meets for 3 consecutive dates. Private class with just your party and the instructor, scheduled at your convenience from March through October. Basic Keelboat 101 Sailing Classes are taught at our Lord Nelson Charters Sailing School on the Lake Lanier at Safe Harbor Aqualand Marina. Location map of sailing lessons.

Private Sailing Class – Call or email for availability
Scheduled in 4 hour increments. Schedule as few or as many as you like. Great way to find out if sailing is for you.
American Sailing Association
Whether you simply want to learn to sail, take up an exhilarating new sport or charter big sailboats in exotic locations…our sailing lessons and American Sailing Association certifications are the place to start!