Atlanta Team Building

Tired of the same old Team Building Programs?

Let us provide you with an exhilarating Team Building Adventure featuring unique Nautical and Land Based Programs!

Our exceptional corporate events provide an adventure-based platform designed for participants of all ages and physical abilities to develop better communication skills and discover new strategies to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. All while building stronger relationships and having fun enjoying the beautiful lake setting at Lake Lanier.

  • Over 20 years experience designing one-of-a-kind and custom Corporate Team Building programs.
  • Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies have “set sail for success” with us. Review our list of corporate team building clients.
  • Our corporate events are conducted at several unique venues on Lake Lanier including the expansive grounds of Lanier Islands. We feature unique Nautical Adventures on pristine Lake Lanier featuring sailboats, pontoon boats and Excursion Yachts.

If Captain Blith had known about our programs… there might never have been a Mutiny On The Bounty!

More About Our Metro Atlanta Team Building Adventures…

Lord Nelson Charters delivers the ultimate real-world metaphor for teamwork with a series of off-the-beaten-path Team-Building Adventures: For ages the sea has brought people together. Now, the staff at Lord Nelson Charters uses the same principles to bring you a full slate of Corporate Team Building events designed to build confidence and cooperation among team members while creating an exhilarating experience that your staff will be talking about for years to come. These dynamic events utilize the stunning beauty of Lake Lanier and include;

Team N’ Ship Sailing, a “Learn to Sail” program featuring “hands on” crew assignments, challenges and an exciting regatta with a “race to the finish” aboard elegant sailing yachts.

The Fun Run Pontoon Adventure features a “road rally” on the water with teams locating and navigating to interesting destinations while gathering information to earn valuable points and prizes.

Treasure Hunt Pontoon Adventure utilizes teams of Pirates’ who set out to explore deserted islands and secluded beaches in search of “Treasure” and Pirate Booty!

The Lanier Challenge is a unique team program that includes a Lake Lanier cruise with all teams on the same excursion boat. Teams learn navigation and organization skills to develop a strategy, solve problems and discover fun facts about Lake Lanier and your own company.

For guests who prefer dry land, we offer a variety of Land Based Programs which include;

The All American Scavenger Hunt, a smorgasbord of popular and lively team building initiatives involving exploration and discovery. Variations of this program include Adventure Course, a low impact initiatives course designed to help folks get to know each other better and discover essential team values in a series of challenging and physical initiatives, Improv Workshop, a brain stimulating program that will get participants thinking “outside the box” while exploring creativity and communication skills and Survivor On Lanier, a more physical, rowdy variation requiring mutual support and trust to succeed in completing a series of challenging “tribal initiatives and competitions”.

For groups using a local resort with golf cart rentals we feature the Islands Scramble Golf Cart Challenge, a fast paced “informational hunt” with teams developing a strategy requiring good communication and cooperation to achieve team success and awards.

The Lanier Cardboard Regatta can be conducted lake side or in a resort pool and provides teams an opportunity to plan, design, build and sail their very own “cardboard yacht”. Which team can finish the race first and stay afloat for the longest time?

For larger groups we offer The Ultimate Quest which gives participants an opportunity to experience the best of both land and water events in one action packed quest requiring teams to collaborate on objectives, complete missions and accumulate points for awards.

Looking for a “one of a kind” event? No problem! Lord Nelson Charters has the experience to create and execute dynamic, custom programs for corporate clients and civic organizations. These Adventure Themed programs can be designed around the specific needs of your group and can include advanced facilitation featuring Myers Briggs or HBDI assessment tools as an additional option.

Lord Nelson Charters has more than 20 years of proven success in crafting events to suit the individual needs of teams and groups, and their roster of clients include Fortune 500 companies as well as local companies and organizations of all sizes.

Ask  about our unique and intimate Venues on Lake Lanier! Picnic lunches also available.



  1. Team N Ship Sailing Adventure
  2. Fun Run Pontoon Adventure
  3. Treasure Hunt Pontoon Adventure
  4. Lanier Challenge
  5. All American Scavenger Hunt
  6. Islands Scramble Golf Cart Challenge
  7. Lanier Cardboard Regatta
  8. The Ultimate Quest