Lake Lanier Charter Sailboat Sunset Cruise

Experience an enchanting evening of Sailing at Sunset on Lake Lanier!

Imagine gliding over peaceful waters; the sun dancing on the ripples as it melts into the horizon…. A breeze caresses your face….The cares and distractions of your demanding life grow smaller and smaller as you leave the shore behind…..

Kick back and unwind as our Captain takes you on a relaxing and intimate Sailing Adventure and be surrounded by the beauty of the setting sun on Lake Lanier, Georgia.

Birthdays, Anniversaries or a Romantic Rendezvous. The occasion becomes even more special on a Sunset Cruise Sailing Charter with time to talk, to laugh, to dream….

Join us and treat yourself to the soothing sounds of wind and water and the radiant glow of the setting sun.

Lake Lanier Sunset Cruise Sailing Charters

We have Sailboat Cruises that can accommodate guests starting with just a romantic couple or groups all the way up to 10-16 passengers. Enjoy your own Private Sailing Cruise with loved ones or family, a group of close friends or guests from your company or favorite organization.

Your Sailboat Cruise takes place on beautiful Lake Lanier, with options to enjoy fine dining at one of the near-by lake side restaurants following your cruise. On board food service is available for larger groups or if you prefer, simply bring your own picnic aboard the sailboat. Picnic baskets, coolers, glass and alcohol are permitted on all of our charters.

Prices for Private Sunset Cruise on Lake Lanier

Your group will have a private sailboat scheduled at your convenience.

We do not combine groups for our cruises.

We can also offer day cruises and sunset cruises on pontoon boats, call for details.

Sailboat Cruise prices are based on the size of your group and are featured here;

  • $350 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 2 guests. Additional Guests are $60 per person
  • $410 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 3 guests.
  • $470 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 4 guests
  • $530 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 5 guests. 
  • $590 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 6 guests.
  • $650 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 7 guests.
  • $710 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 8 guests.
  • $770 - Private 2.5 hour Sailing Cruise for 9 guests.
  • $80 per person for Private 3 hour Sailing Cruise for 10-16 guests.
  • Additional Cruise time is $80 for each additional 30 minutes.